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Biography (The Making and Breaking of Bubba Jonez)

First of all this is just an insight of where I came from and how I got to where I am. I do not want or expect pitty for any of the things I have seen, been through or done...

The Real Jeremy Jones is literally the Coolest F*ckin White Dude you will ever know, I picked up the nick name Bubba Jonez for a couple of reasons, 1. My Father was nick named Bubba and 2. Bubba The Love Sponge® an Abrasive shock jock talk show host I can relate too (Similar to Howard Stern)...

I am first and foremost a Son & a Father and hold high Family values.

I can get along with anyone, talk with anyone, and can fit in to any crowd.

I am an only child and the product of a broken home & parents of the 70's... Due to my parents divorcing at an early age I grew up on the Streets of San Jose & Fremont California going to five different middle schools up until 7th Grade. It wasn't easy being the new kid all the time so I never really got too close to anyone until settling in on the East side of San Jose with all of my "weekend friends", these were the Friends I knew while visiting my grandparents on the weekends, my brothers and sisters, the ones I knew I could always trust.

While in Fremont I discovered two things, Skin heads and Gangs, I was still very young and trying to figure out both cliques while at the same time trying to avoid them. I eventually got approached by someone asking me about the color of my shirt (still being naive) and just had to play stupid as I really wasn't sure still... Over the months I started to figure it all out I took that Knowledge back to San Jose with me as I knew if anyone had my back it was them. So with Gangs all around me and Drugs literally in arms reach we had to succumb to our environment and too create our own gang, it wasn't easy trying to stay out of trouble, especially when I had to travel between San Jose and Fremont every weekend but I managed to stay under the Radar, while influencing friends from both of my neighborhoods to wear the same colors as me.

I'm not saying I was a bad kid, but I had to fit in everywhere... I never drank or did drugs but I needed the security of my friends as they were my only family at the time. Don't get me wrong I love my parents, but while they were trying to live their NEW lives I had to take care of myself, had to grow up early and fast to adapt to my environments. 

Growing up I loved Baseball, Baseball was my life... I was sure I would turn Pro one day and either play for The Oakland A's or San Francisco Giants. But my grades were not good enough for High School Baseball and I was cut from the Varsity Team before the season ever started. I never liked school as I did not learn well from books. I am one of those people that learn from experience and from doing, not reading. In fact I didn't even graduate with my class, however I did go back several years later to earn my G.E.D.. I guess you can say I am a real life example of Street Smarts over book Smarts. 

My High School years were really confusing while trying to deal with both set of Friends and trying to be two different people... In reality I had Baseball friends and Gang friends in San Jose while in Fremont I had Baseball and friends who wore the same colors. 

I married my High School Sweetheart and had two kids but I am now single after 17 years, which I am not proud of. I wish things could have been different and could've lasted forever unfortunately shit happens and we are where we are today. However, I still have high hopes for the best.

I don't judge any one and I am very open minded. And although I may not agree with everything people do, it's their/your life and you should feel free to live it as you wish.

I can be outspoken and very opinionated but at the same time be shy and stay to myself, I am a Leo so what can you expect!

I have ADD or ADHD or all of the above with some possible Bi-Polar mixed in... just a speculation of my own cause I am all over the place with ideas and just can't seem to stay focused... on anything... but it also helps make for a great conversation... LOL... **Reminder I am not a licensed professional in the medical field so the claoms I am making may not be true**

I have done the Corporate thing and I just don't fit it. I have too many thoughts and ideas that need to be used and cannot go to waste in an office working for someone else. I currently own multiple businesses and work more than I should to not make the Money I deserve, yet I am not willing to give it all up and settle for a 9-5 job. I guess I am just hoping one of these businesses will take off... And with the SUPPORT OF ALL OF YOU that may just be possible...

***To Be Continued***

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